Please remember to log out of any website you have accessed, for your own security.

On kiosk systems with no Back/Home buttons or address bar:

Text Box: Hold ALT and press the HOME key when you are finished to return to this page.
To use the web browser “Back” button, hold ALT and press the LEFT ARROW key.  (The button bar may be disabled for security purposes.)
If you are having any problems, you can restart the computer by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL, click the Shut Down button, then pick Restart from the menu and click OK.  
Any locally saved files/passwords/”Favorites” will be ERASED from the kiosk unit any time it is powered off or restarted.  
(Files stored in Citrix or changes on websites will not be affected.)

PointClickCare Login

Saber Compliance (PowerDMS)

Payroll (W2s, pay stubs, etc)

Omnicare Omniview


Outlook Webmail (use Citrix username & password)

Helpdesk Web Access (use Citrix username & password)

Citrix Access Gateway

Saber IT Remote Support (Bomgar)

Medline University